In the past my posts have been random and completly off the point and that will not change so every one who thought it would jump in a hole its the way I wont it to be the new word of the month is..........................canibal!
New word of the month is Wenis!!




so your properly thinking about easter right know and all the chocolate you will be receiving well think of the bunnies being sentenced to death i bet you didn't no this but chocolate is made from bunnies tears and swet think about that one you are enjoying your chocloate you murderers.
Ok the new word of the month is.........Barbarian/Barbaric 
The new word of the month will be coming tomorrow stay tuned 
I have a little riddle that I thought you might like if you don't to bad because i'll stab you in the eye 

If you notice this notice you will notice this notice is not worth noticing  did you 
Its friday thank god its been a long week I have been pilled high (but not with drugs)with homework    oh some freak is speaking to me never mind it's a squirrel hahahahahaha
My friends are in the bathroom getting higher thsn Kate my lover she is waiting for me just accross the bar my seats been taken by mia oh wait she's just talking about a scar  LOL its stuck in my head
Hey Izzy fight me its not random it's my thoughts IDIOT
I tired of people telling me what to do EG you should TOTS go on facebook  it like NO you freak I wont you no why because people caught stalked and bullied thats why think about that next time you say something rude on facebook    PS i dont even have FACEBOOK 


    Kardia.     ..I'm watching you!


      Did you see that racoon 

    Claussen Pickles